Professional coffee Barista

Repair of coffee machines and espresso machines

The Barista Bible

The book “Professional coffee. The Bible Barista”

This edition was the first complete textbook and reference guide for professional cook coffee (Barista). The execution of the book is that it is always easy to keep handy on the job in a coffee shop, restaurant, bar, cafe. The book is useful as a neophyte skills, and experienced baristas as reference material.



Rules for professional

Basic technique Barista:

– espresso

– assessment of quality espresso

– adjust the grind for espresso

– technique of milk

– latte art

– work with cream

– methods for the preparation of coffee-based cocktails

– work with chocolate

– work with the syrups

Coffee menu:

– utensils for making coffee and coffee products

variations of espresso

– cappuccino

– latte

– ice menu

national coffee

– soft drinks and coffee-based cocktails

coffee cocktails with alcoholic drinks

This book will be useful:

– budding baristas and bartenders, who want to get basic knowledge about how to do the “correct” coffee in a coffee shop, restaurant, bar, cafe;

– experienced Barista as a reference material that is easy to keep on hand;

– managers and owners of various catering companies who understand that good coffee – an important component of the reputation of the institution;

managers, conducting staff training;

– everyone interested in professional formula coffee:

1) high-Quality coffee beans;

2) the Correct grind;

3) Professional coffee equipment and handling;

4) The skill of the Barista.

Each of these four parts are important and affect the result – a drink that a guest gets in your bowl.

This book is divided into sections in such a way as to pay attention to each component of the formula professional coffee. The information is presented in easy-to-remember summaries, charts and tables.

The Bible is coffee. From the germ to the Cup

The book of Olga Furth, ” the Bible of coffee. From the germ to the Cup ” is a unique publication for all lovers, lovers, producers. in short, all those who can not imagine their life without coffee, and those who are still not familiar with this unique product. Fans sit with a Cup of the aromatic drink will be interesting to learn the history of coffee cultivation, learn to understand the varieties and quality of coffee beans, to understand what the numerous warning signs on packages. And for the professionals will certainly be useful information about coffee machines, the methods of brewing and professional brewing coffee.

Coffee Bible

The attention of Russian readers was presented a new literary novelty.

Italian authors Vincenzo Sandals and Fulvio Accardi held the presentation of this coffee of the Bible . first publish in Russian, – ” Coffee. World encyclopedia “.

This gift book became a standard reference for many people involved in the production and trade of coffee, working in coffee shops and restaurants, just for coffee lovers not only in European countries but also in Brazil, Japan, Israel, where it was publish. A big advantage of gift books is that it is written in a professional and originally intended for professionals, it is interesting and a wide circle of readers.

In the book it is told about traditions of use and the preparation of this drink in various corners of the globe, its varieties and modern methods of cooking fried beans and grind them.

Despite the fact that encyclopedia coffee is addressed to a wide circle of readers, each copy of the publication will cost the Russian buyers in a very tidy sum. The book is designed in a fancy style, contains colorful illustrations and is printed on high quality paper.

In addition, the publication presents unique photos to Fulvio Accardi that were made practical in all corners of the planet, where they grow coffee tree.

On the pages of the encyclopedia coffee is represented literally by user «And» to «I”. Where they grow coffee tree and ripen as coffee bean, how does this affect the quality of the drink geography and climate of growing plants, the different ways of processing coffee is the uniqueness of drinking in the context of different cultures. The answers to these and other questions in the pages of the encyclopedia coffee will be able to find how unprepared readers, and professionals coffee business.

The book is written in a lively fascinating language. Here is a story about the spread of coffee on the planet, given basic knowledge of botany of the coffee plant, provides research articles, reports of various research centers, stories about how the harvested grain on large coffee plantations.

Financing the publication of the book in Russian and its translation into Russian language has provided one of the domestic companies involved in the supply to our country elite varieties of coffee .

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