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coffee brewing Methods

the Way espresso:

In Italy, a country where coffee has long been a cult created by the national Institute of Italian espresso, the organization that defines the standards of a true espresso, and oversees the production of Italian manufacturers of coffee and equipment.

espresso is a preparation method in which hot water under high pressure passes through the ground coffee. Most harmful tar and the greatest amount of caffeine remain in the coffee grounds and into the Cup fall unique rich aroma and delightful taste. Thus, most espresso spares and heart, and stomach. It is safe to say that espresso only fully reveals the aroma of coffee.

Experts believe that for the preparation of the perfect espresso requires 4 components:

– excellent coffee blend,

– effective coffee machine,

is professionalism and experience.

According to the rules established by the National Institute Italian espresso, proper espresso should have the following characteristics:

coffee weight 7 grams of finely ground coffee (1 serving)

the temperature of 86-90°C


30-35 ml for espresso

25 ml ristretto

80-90 ml for lungo

100-120 ml for cappuccino


pronounced coffee aroma (with different shades, depending on the ratio of Arabica and Robusta)


not sour or bitter, the taste of that proves correct ratio of Arabica and Robusta, and also the high quality of these beans


uniform, thick, color warblers – from light to dark brown.

coffee espresso need special dark Italian roast, which is achieved by high-tech equipment. Preparing special blends for espresso is an art, which is polished by centuries, and the Italians undoubtedly unrivaled experts in this case

the Method filter coffee:

Despite the fact that espresso and the drinks made on its basis, are becoming more popular in the world, the consumption of this coffee in the world is only 3-5%.

the Unequivocal leadership from the point of view of consumption today for the filter coffee. Approximately 60-70% of all coffee drunk in the world, before it boil and serve, passes through the filter.

it all started long ago, when coffee was stored in the fabric of cotton or flax, brewed it with hot water and after extraction has been very clean and pleasant-tasting drink.

Plain filter was then rinsed or washed, and then used again. Technology has evolved, and as a result in Germany a few decades ago there was a paper filters. Now the coffee filter is one of the most widely used methods on the planet.

In the Nordic countries such as Norway, Finland and Sweden this coffee drink most often. If to take for a basis the volume of consumption per capita, then it is about 90%. This is the number of Scandinavians use paper filters. The remaining 10% comes from instant coffee (8 to 9%) and espresso (1-2%). A similar situation exists in the United States and Canada.

In coffee shops, the proportion of espresso is significantly higher, but in cafes and restaurants filter coffee remains the undisputed leader.

At the time, the filter coffee and espresso, prepared mainly from coffee blends. However, now the situation is changing, and changing radically. Many restaurants and coffee shops are more likely to prefer the so-called mono-coffees, i.e. for preparation of the beverage used one grain varieties, imported from a particular country of origin and even from a certain area of this country. This includes, for example, the grade of Antigua Guatemala or any other. In the restaurant or coffee shop, you can offer coffee, just like wine famous houses.

with respect to quality filter coffee is today has become one of the major trends. A similar situation, by the way, develops and espresso.

In the U.S. and in several advanced European countries, coffee from a specific country or, at least, of a certain origin served for years and every day is becoming more popular.

Boil the filter coffee is very convenient. And, in addition, this method can be applied in the preparation of any quantity of beverage from 0, 1 to 100 liters or more liters at a time. I must say that the coffee maker with filter become popular all over the world, including Italy and Russia.

the basics of producing a quality drink in filter coffee machines are the same as in any other machine. And even taking into account the differences between the ways of making a filter coffee and espresso, principles of brewing beverage has a lot in common.

a Rule stating that the water used to make the coffee must be clean and cold the same for any method. However these similarities and limited, as to “obtain” filter-coffee, unlike espresso, the pressure is not required. Therefore, for optimum degree of extraction we need to increase the water temperature. In the case of filter coffee it should not be below S and above S for at least 90% of the time of preparation of the drink.

If the temperature is lower, we will get too weak coffee, and in excess of the allowable S it will become bitter.

However, it is also important to find the optimal combination of grinding and time during which hot water is poured on the coffee in the filter. For fine grinding, it should be 4 to 6 minutes, and a coarser grind for 6 to 8 minutes. By the way, is not recommended to use the grinder, designed for espresso, if you plan to brew filter coffee. I also suggest that you use a filter in the coffee maker, labeled as espresso, as the degree of roast of the beans is different, and you may not get the desired quality, in other words the expected flavor and aroma.

After you have brewed the coffee, it is important to maintain the temperature of the bulb. It should be not less than 80-85C. After just 30 minutes the drink begins to lose its flavor, which can be stored longer if you use a thermos.

Oriental Coffee:

This kind of coffee, depending on the amount of sugar used in its preparation, is bitter, sweet, very sweet, more liquid or thicker.

To prepare the drink, you must use the coffee is very finely ground, almost a powder. First fine grinding will ensure a rich foaming, secondly grinds won’t squeak on the teeth. It is better to grind the grain yourself. Ground coffee quickly loses its essential oils. For fine grind you need to use a special grinder. At very small gap between the millstones there is a strong friction, so the engine should be powerful enough. Do not attempt to achieve the result of high speed rotation, as in case of strong friction, a sudden heat and can burn the coffee.

Coffee is prepared in a special metal container with a long handle, which is called Turkish coffee pot (cezve). Coffee should never be boiled. Boil coffee and then try to not drink. So the coffee is cooked or simmered or, ideally, on the hot sand. Coffee on the sand, there are special devices.

In one of the variants at the bottom of the Turks poured a little sugar and put on fire. When the sugar become brown, it is filled with water. Be careful – if the sugar will burn, the coffee will have a bitter taste. In Turku we put sugar and coffee to taste, pour cold water. Create a circular motion clockwise until until a couple minutes you do not receive the foam. This foam coffee and not water from the boiling. Turku is removed from the sand or remove from fire, depending on the method, allow the foam to settle. Again, create a circular motion only counterclockwise or set on fire, again give up coffee foam, repeat 2-3 times. The method is quite laborious and time consuming. In coffee can add cinnamon.

Coffee is poured into small coffee Cup without straining the grounds. Served separately, cold water. If desired, you can add in a Cup a few drops of water to the sediment settled faster. Oriental coffee to drink in small SIPS and drink cold boiled water. The Arabs, before you drink coffee, you first drank some water.

the Way the French press:

a French press (eng. French-press) — the name of the device for preparation of ground coffee and method of brewing coffee by the method of maceration and pressing. This method of making coffee popular in France, where the name came from. The first French press appeared in the 1840-ies, however, the widespread popularity it enjoyed by 1900 years.

Ground coffee (preferably specially krupnomolotoy for French press) is filled with hot water at a temperature of about 90 degrees, and infused for 4 minutes. Then, gently remove the coffee foam and clicking the top hand on runs in the middle of the kettle vertical rod down from the top down special strainer, which separates the beverage from the coffee grounds. Thus, the sediment is pressed against a horizontal filter to the bottom, and filtered coffee at the coffee makers on the filter.

Odnosortovymi coffee is revealed most fully in a French press, showing the most thin sets, so it is prepared or an elite class having minimum defects and maximum complexity (self-sufficient coffee), or carefully selected mixture, where different varieties complement each other, creating harmony and complexity in the taste.

Sometimes a French press is also used to make tea.

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