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Varieties, methods of making coffee


There are different varieties of coffee . which require specific ways of cooking .

Decaffeinating coffee is a coffee in which caffeine content was reduced to 0.1% with water, organic solvents and carbon dioxide.

Espresso coffee is particularly strong roasted coffee with a grind size of 0.2 mm.

Freeze-dried coffee instant coffee . made the hard way.

Coffee brewed in a coffee filter – ground coffee for home coffee makers.

Instant coffee is dried or powdered instant coffee .

Mocha – specially roasted to a dark color Turkish coffee for mocha.

Raw coffee is cleaned, but not roasted green coffee .

Roasted coffee – roasted fresh coffee .

Gentle coffee – roasted coffee . not harmful to the stomach, with a reduced content of acid and a small amount of bitter and irritants.

Coffee brewing methods

For all coffee beverages following must be observed:

Use clean filtered water. If the water is too hard, boil it for 2-3 minutes, if too soft, add a pinch of salt. Never use supernatant water. Perfect water without carbonic acid or with a small content.

Correct dosage

Of course, you can dispense coffee to taste, but if you use it in large amounts, it affects the quality.

If coffee is a long time, it affects the quality, as oxygen harms the flavor.

Add milk, cream or concentrated milk makes the coffee more useful, and gives it a more beautiful color. In addition, longer remains an invigorating effect.

Humidity and oxygen can harm the flavor. For this reason, coffee should always be stored in closed form. Reserves should last for 14 days.

Fans know the following ways to brew coffee :

Coffee with milk without milk foam.

Espresso beans is coarser, which was cooked longer than usual.

Diluted iced espresso with a little sugar.

Coffee with milk served in a glass.

Freshly brewed espresso, ( 25-35 ml) cooked in a large Cup ( about 200 ml ): up to the edge of the Cup pour frothed milk and sprinkle the top with cocoa powder.

Espresso with a small amount of Grappa or other alcoholic beverage.

Italian coffee drink, which are particularly finely ground dark coffee beans and under pressure after fast food beverage is poured into small cups, often, cooking is done using special machines.

Cappuccino, consisting of three layers in one glass: lower milk, then coffee and then cold milk foam.

Diluted with boiled water espresso.

Espresso with a small amount of milk.

Austrian Cappuccino.

This is longer than normal impending espresso, which is composed of coarse grinding coffee with a small amount of warm milk and a little foam.

Black coffee finest grind, bring in special Turka three times to boiling and pour into the cups without filtering.


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