Brew coffee – the coffee machine geyser

Brew the coffee in the coffee machine geyser  Sunday to visit me Nikita came at the door and said:

– Your house smells like an Italian apartments!

– Perhaps it’s the smell of coffee and bread, ” I said. –

Help me to make a video on how to brew delicious coffee.

And we made this little video. Well, almost everyone did Nikita and I made coffee and annoy the Soviets during the post-production.

You can already watch while I give a little explanation.

I make coffee in a coffee maker Moka (also called hot spring), which provides a strong, delicious and perfectly balanced drink. And it is about this coffee brewing method, I’ll tell. It’s not espresso, so don’t expect similar results.

Moka (Italian. Moka) or Moka Express, geyser – type coffee makers, based on the principle of preparing coffee under steam pressure.

“Mocha” is most widely used in Europe, especially in his homeland, Italy, where is the national symbol. Coffee makers Moka come in different sizes, from one to eighteen 50 ml cups. Original Moka is made from aluminum with bakelite handles.

The first patent in 1933 the Italian businessman Alfonso Bialetti. In the same year his company “Bialetti” released the first aluminum coffee maker “Moka Express”. The company’s slogan read: “in casa un espresso come al bar”, which literally means “espresso at home, the same as in the bar”. “Moka Express” was recognized as one of the symbols of Italy, 5th place in the category best design of the twentieth century in Italy.

There are several moments in which you can get a tasteless coffee. The first is the coffee grinding. Need coffee medium or coarse grinding. Fine grinding for espresso machines, will give a very strong and very bitter coffee. The second is too long heating of the ground coffee on the fire, resulting from the use of cold water in the lower chamber of the coffee maker. The fact that aluminum coffee maker heats up very quickly and the coffee powder in it has time to burn before the water starts to boil. And the third important time to remove the coffee from the stove to the coffee turned out watery.

So, the process:

• fill the lower chamber the coffee freshly boiled water up to the mark;

• pour coffee medium or coarse grinding compartment for coffee. There also pour the spices, if you like;

• collect coffee (be careful it is very hot); see that coffee does not come under the gum;

• put it on the stove and open the lid;

• when the coffee starts to flow into the tank, start to follow him;

• once the trickle coffee will be the color of honey – take the coffee from the heat and either wrap a cold wet towel, or immediately pour into the Cup. If you do not, then the coffee will turn out bland, diluted;

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