How to brew coffee – the choice of the Turks, variety of coffee recipes cooking

How to make coffee

There is no such person who would not know that such coffee. Every year there are more fans of this drink. Coffee is soluble and custard, the latter is distinguished by its unique and delicate fragrance, delicious taste. That coffee turned out flavorful and very tasty, need to know how to brew coffee correctly, and what rules you should follow.

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The choice of the Turks for brewing

Usually coffee brewed using a coffee machine, no different these taste like beverage brewed in a traditional ibrik or cezve. Turks coffee varies by material of manufacture, they are as follows:

metal products – aluminum, copper, bronze, silver and stainless steel;



The most durable and has excellent operational characteristics the Turks are metal. They are easy to clean and wash, they do not fight and do not crack from the temperature difference. Stainless steel products should not use them much suffering the taste of brewed coffee. The same can be said about the pot of aluminum.

Copper Turk

Copper capacity to enjoy the greatest demand among the fans of this drink. They have a thick bottom that allows you to quickly heat up and keep a certain temperature of coffee, not allowing it to cool quickly. The Turks of copper and bronze should be sure to have inside the layer of food-grade tin to protect from bad substances that produce these metals. Among all the Turks made from metal, the best can be called bronzes and silver. And if silverware is not everyone can afford, Turku bronze can be purchased at a reasonable price. (Cm. also: How to cook tiger prawns )

Before you brew coffee, you need to decide what size of dish. It is widely believed that the smaller volume of the Turk, the better the coffee in her work. Quality the Turks should be narrow high spout, then the foam from the coffee, which rises, as it forms a kind of tube, which does not volatilize the fragrance. Turk classical version should not be more than 100 ml in volume, it is cooked in just one serving.

When the coffee is brewed in a clay pot, it takes on a wonderful flavor and aroma, this happens due to the pores on the walls of the vessel, which absorbs the drink. The disadvantage of this cookware is that the Turk could make just one coffee at a time, which has already absorbed the wall. If you cook the different varieties, the taste will mix, and true foodies will not appreciate this. Dignity is a pretty low price that allows you to have several vessels in use.

Versatile utensils to prepare any sorts of coffee you can call the Turks from ceramics. Due to its properties such vessels holding the desired temperature, allowing them to boil even after removing from heat. Ceramic products are quite expensive, so you need to carefully monitor the cooking process, especially when you add cold water. When a significant temperature difference such dishes are easily broken.

Coffee with foam (Cm. also: How to boil crawfish )

Types of popular coffee drinks

There are several basic kinds of common drinks, these include:

espresso is one of the most common coffee drinks. Usually this variety is cooked in a special coffee machines with the addition of hot water. It is for this drink should not boil, the water just passes under high pressure through coffee. Aromatic and taste qualities of this kind of coffee stores for long, so drink it immediately after cooking;

Americano – this type of coffee is prepared using hot water. Properly made drink has no rancid burnt taste, and the scent he is incomparable;

ristretto – this kind of coffee is the most concentrated and quite sturdy. This drink is brewed in a small volume of water and is considered the most invigorating;

a latte is coffee with milk, usually prepared from morning, well it invigorates and awakens.

Popular and these kinds of coffee drinks: Irish, iced coffee, doppio, cappuccino, company, Coretta, Viennese coffee, lungo, machiatto, mocha, ristretto, Romano. The choice of drink depends on taste preferences.

Types of coffee beans

Coffee beans are divided into three types, depending on the names of the trees on which they grow.

Grain liberica varieties have virtually no taste or smell, so basically they are used to make coffee blends. Robusta and Arabica can be used for the preparation of beverages, both in pure form and in the composition of the various mixtures.

Coffee bean

The most famous and common type of coffee is Arabica. It is the amount of coffee consumed worldwide per year, 70% of the total volume of coffee drinks.

Grinding coffee, which is better

Improper grinding can ruin the taste of even the most expensive kind of coffee. The grinding operation should meet the manufacturers standards. Share four kinds of grinding grains:

a very large grinding should not exceed 0.9 mm;

great grind – not more than 0.7 mm;

medium – no more than 0.4 mm;

very fine – fraction should be not more than 0.15 mm.

Depending on the degree of grinding is determined and the cooking time. The main thing to remember is that regardless of the grinding beverage can not be boiled.

Cooking coffee

To get the full pleasure from a Cup of refreshing beverage, you need to understand how to make coffee. This occurs in several successive stages:

when coffee beans are bought fresh, they need to fry. This should be done in a pan with a thick bottom, slightly brushing it with vegetable oil. Grains need to stir constantly and fry until then, until they become a Golden color and a wonderful aroma;

the roasted and cooled beans are ground in a coffee grinder, it is advisable to choose a manual model, it will add to the process of romance;

Coffee grinder crushes coffee beans

preparing a Turk, it is better to take bronze or copper. In a vessel pour boiled water so that its level was below the neck somewhere by 4 cm and set on fire;

in a boiling water pour chalking natural coffee – 1 teaspoon per 150 ml of water. Experts also suggest that you add a ¼ teaspoon of sugar and a pinch of salt, it adds flavor. In the process of cooking can also add a little cinnamon or nutmeg, but it’s an acquired taste;

at that moment, when the edge of the container will appear thin boiling the bezel, the coffee should be stirred in a pot and reduce heat to minimum;

coffee brought to the boil. You need to carefully follow the rising foam, it should be uniform and as if to seal the fragrance inside the pot. In a time when to the top the Turks will remain about 1 cm, utensils sharp movement out of the flame. It is important to do at the time, not to drink tasteless, precipise drink;

be sure to let the drink sit. Turku can be covered with a porcelain saucer. After 3-4 minutes pour into a container few drops of cold water, this will help to settle the crumbs;

coffee is ready, you can pour it into the cups. Here it is worth considering that there still remain small grains that add tartness to the drink. If necessary homogeneous beverage, the coffee should pour through a fine strainer.

Recipes cooking

Recipes for various coffee drinks there is a great variety, but they inherently contain the classic recipe.

classic coffee drink 200 grams water, ground coffee, 20 gram, 2.5 gram of sugar, salt on the tip of a knife;

aromatic coffee – 200 grams of water, 20 grams of coffee medium grind, teaspoon orange peel, a pinch of cinnamon, a few drops of brandy and honey to taste;

Arabian coffee is the same recipe as the classic coffee drink, but it differs in the manufacturing process. Cookware with coffee several times brought to the boil and then cooled. This adds to the drink incomparable aroma and taste.

In just brewed beverage, you can add milk, cream or spices. You can also add a few drops of alcohol that will give a subtle taste.


If you are going to cook a delicious and aromatic drink, you need to consider several factors. Coffee beans it is advisable to buy in large supermarkets, it’s a guarantee that the product will not be old, as the coffee is better to take with the date of packing of one month. Well-matched utensils for cooking – one of the most important conditions for proper cooking. If fully complied with the technology of preparation of coffee, the taste and aroma magic.

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