How to brew coffee recipes

How to brew coffee recipes

Coffee itself

Ten teaspoons of fine ground coffee take four cups of boiling water, eight teaspoons of sugar, four umbrella cloves, grated orange peel, grated on a fine grater, one small glass of rum and cream to taste. Coffee pour boiling water five minutes, then poured into cups. For each Cup put two spoons of sugar, one umbrella of clove, the zest and pour in a little rum. Cream-style served separately.

Coffee in Stockholm

Sixty grams of ground coffee – four hundred milliliters of water, four egg yolks, four shots of rum, four tablespoons of whipped cream. Coffee boil, drain, then pour into cups. To each add the egg yolks, whipped with sugar and a tot of rum. Put the cream on top.

Four cups of cooked hot strong coffee will need four cubes of ice, one glass of brandy, to taste powdered sugar and some cinnamon sticks. Take refractory cups, put in each ice cube, sprinkle ice powder and pour hot coffee that has put the cinnamon. Add a little brandy and serve immediately.

Coffee in Hungarian

Six teaspoons of finely ground coffee take four tablespoons of powdered sugar. two teaspoons of cocoa powder, four cups of cold water, sugar, cream, vanilla to taste. Sugar, cocoa and coffee, stir, add cold water and put on the stove. Before the drink is ready to boil, it is removed, poured into cups, and put in each a little vanilla and sugar to taste, just a little bit with whipped cream powder. Separately on a plate served vanilla and remaining cream.

French coffee

Very finely, almost to the dust of the ground coffee in the amount of six teaspoons, four cups of boiling water, pinch of salt, one glass of Armenian or French brandy, sugar to taste. Coffee is brewed, strain, then add salt. A little brandy poured into each Cup or serve it separately. Sugar put on taste and desire.

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