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Making coffee in a cezve, coffee pot, French press

Coffee has a long history, vast geography of use, methods of cooking. Millions of people are happy to drink this fragrant, delicious, refreshing drink. The variety of recipes and ways of preparing coffee provides an opportunity for every fan of coffee to choose their method of preparation and favorite recipe. Among the numerous methods of brewing, let us distinguish the main, in which everyone can make changes to your liking, such as making coffee in a cezve, coffee pot, French press, espresso machine, coffee maker, etc. Because making coffee for someone mediocre

experience, but for some magical fascinating process.

Turkish coffee pot (cezve)

Turk or cezve is a vessel of small size with long handle. It is brewed Turkish coffee, Oriental coffee, coffee Arabic. This method of brewing coffee has been used in the East in ancient times and today it is very popular due to its simplicity and cheapness. In just 10 minutes you’ll have a fragrant and refreshing drink.

Making coffee in a cezve (casve):

1H.l coffee (fine grind) fill in Turku (gatwu);

add the sugar, cardamom, ginger or other spices ( according to recipe);

pour cold water according to your recipe;

put on a slow fire of Turku;

Cup warm hot water;

as soon as the coffee begins to rise, remove the drink from the fire;

pour the drink into cups and drink with pleasure.

The disadvantage of this method of brewing coffee is the presence of coffee grounds in the Cup. Choose carefully Turku, the material used to manufacture the Turks can have an impact on the taste of coffee.

The coffee pot

Coffee can be prepared in the pot. This method of preparing coffee is a great option for preparing large quantities of coffee to Your guests.


in a pot pour water and put on fire, not bringing it to the boil;

add the ground coffee, the grind setting of Your choice;

stir and allow to sit for a few minutes;

warm the cups;

drink pour through a strainer that would be in cups was not coffee grounds.

Enjoy coffee. His need to drink immediately as the drink cools down quickly.

French press or cafetiere

French press use both at home and in cafes and restaurants.

Hot water to warm the glass part of the French press, rinse well and drain out;

ground coffee preferably wholemeal, pour in warmed French press;

pour the hot water and stir;

cover and wait a few minutes, but do not apply pressure to the filter;

if You are satisfied with the strength of the drink, squeeze the filter downward;

warm the Cup and pouring some coffee,

add sugar to taste, cream, cognac and enjoy a fine drink.

There are other ways of making coffee in the coffee maker and the coffee maker, which we discuss in the next article.

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