How to make coffee

How to make coffee

Morning refreshing drink like many of our compatriots. Not so long ago it became clear that invigorates not only the coffee itself, but also the vapor that rises above him.

As it turned out the scientists from the University of California, a couple have special antioxidants in amounts similar to the content of the three oranges. And about the healing properties of freshly brewed coffee knew people who lived several centuries ago. So, black as night, coffee was

prescribed as a cure for scurvy and gout. Here are just poach it was right. This process is important today.

How long to cook?

The brewing process depends on different factors. One thing is for sure: the cooking time cannot be too long, nor too short. If you drink cook incorrectly, it can grind not to settle on the bottom, as expected. This is when little coffee kept on the fire, from kofeina not completely separated oxygen. If you prepare a large portion of strong coffee, the cooking time increases.

How to make coffee

In Turka

Step by step process of proper cooking thick fragrant coffee in the Turk looks like this:

Turk put on the fire to warm the bottom.

100-150 grams of water is added 2 teaspoons of coffee, then poured sugar to taste.

Poured in Turku cold water. To drink enough of the aroma and taste of coffee beans, used a Turk with a narrow neck. You need to pour water up to the bottleneck.

Turk put on the fire. The flame should be weak. If there is no time, the fire may be strong, but immediately after the beginning of education on specific water crust fire is necessary to reduce.

Crucial moment – the boiling drink. During this period, you can’t give coffee to overflow. Turku you need time to remove from heat when the crust begins to slowly boil.

After removing the Turks from the fire, the crust needs to settle. The procedure is repeated 1 or 2 times.

Coffee is poured into cups, adding to taste milk, lemon, brandy or rum.

In the coffee

This is the easiest way to provide for yourself and your family to a flavorful beverage. To use coarse ground coffee is not recommended, because the powder will get wet and will not allow water to penetrate through the filter. And preparing coffee:

2-3 tablespoons of coffee will need a glass of water. You can use special capsules.

You need to fill in a special container water.

Set the desired program on the device and enable the “Start” button. The machine will do the rest by yourself.

Some useful tips!

Only in closed containers needs to store ground or whole grains, if you want to preserve the taste and aroma of the drink. In 10 minutes after opening partially the scent may wear off.

The taste also depends on the grind. The finer the grind, the more delicious the drink.

If the grind is fine, you need quite a bit of time to coffee gave its properties the water.

The taste was mild and flavored drink can in Turku before cooking to put a pinch of salt and a Cup to warm up. If you use cold cups, they do not let you to open up the aroma and taste of even the best varieties of coffee.

That coffee is not “escaped” during cooking, you need to make the process of cooking all his attention and skill.

Several recipes for preparing delicious coffee

Coffee with milk

Everything is prepared the same way as in the recipe of the drink in Turka. Only after cooking need to add a few tablespoons of cream or milk. The milk should be hot.

A frothy coffee

Coffee with rum

You will need to make a coffee, the recipe, and then add to the drink condensed milk and rum. This rum must be aged for not less than six years, coffee and soft varieties.

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