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Coffee and coffee machines:

How to make coffee in Vietnamese?

Not some hario da aeropress coffee lover alive. It turns out that the Vietnamese have their own way of making coffee filtration method. A device for cooking is called fin, and this method resembles the aeropress. Only when cooking in aeropress coffee is first filled with water and is then

pressed, and Vice versa here: first pressed and then filled with water. Adjustment of taste: same as all the other methods – by means of controlling the parameters of preparation: grinding, dosing, pressure forces.

Finns though not sold in Russia every step of the way to get them is not difficult. Buy can fin where Vietnamese coffee.

The original recipe coffee in Vietnamese, no matter hot or cold, includes a large amount of condensed milk. And no wonder, because Vietnamese coffee for the most part extremely bitter and roasted. But, if you take another coffee, try it first to cook it without the condensed milk.

Actually the recipe.

All we need is fin, glass, condensed milk, ground coffee (grinding medium) and ice (in the preparation of cold coffee).

Pour on the bottom of the Cup condensed milk. The amount depends solely on your taste and the quality of your coffee. If Vietnamese coffee does, then more milk. Well, if the coffee is good, milk somewhere 5 millimeters.

We put Finn in a glass and pour the ground coffee. Finns come in different sizes. Volume 120 ml we took 14 grams of coffee. The dosage, of course, can also be varied depending on your taste, but remember that real Vietnamese coffee is quite strong.

Evenly distribute the ground coffee on the bottom of the fin, then press take (the strainer with handle), put it on a coffee and a bit of scrolling until then, until he pressed coffee. Then Unscrew back about one turn in order to leave a free space.

Preskocite coffee 20 ml of water for 20 seconds. The water temperature depends, again, as coffee you are preparing. If it’s Vietnamese coffee, recommended by the recipes of the temperature of 87-90 degrees. If you cook high-quality Arabica coffee, 93-96 degrees.

Cover fin cover and watch the brewing process. A layer of condensed milk does not mix with the layer of coffee. The total time of the infusion at this dose for about 4 minutes. Please note that when cooking hot Vietnamese coffee typically use lower dosage accordingly the brewing time less – about 2-3 minutes.

Once the coffee is brewed, you can mix layers of milk and coffee. Now is the time to add ice if you were going to make iced coffee.

In a jar pour for greater authenticity. That’s all. Trendy summer drink to the delight of all hipsters ready.

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