Coffee with spices, recipes coffee with character

Coffee recipes with spices

How to remember people with strong character and bright temperament, and remembered a dish cooked in a special way. The development of the cooking coffee with spices, I want to offer you to experiment with spice, not combined, it would seem that with coffee, but the first SIP of this drink is fundamentally changing attitude towards it.

The combination of coffee with this spice will give incredible bouquet and an explosion of flavor: spicy, but not flashy; hot, but not scalding. It’s

hard to describe, it is necessary to try!

So, pepper is the perfect Supplement for the cold season that is suited to lovers and those who are not afraid to experiment and looking for something inspiring. In addition, the pepper stimulates digestion and improves metabolism, strengthens the immune system and invigorates.

Here are some coffee secrets: to get rid of the bitterness, you can add a little cream or milk; to remove the sharpness in the taste, try adding a piece of butter, a pinch of mineral salt or cane sugar.

With pepper blend well these coffees range from “Cantata”: “India of Caracoli”, “Zimbabwe”, “Nicaragua 20+”, “espresso Mailto”, “Chocolate”, “Chocolate Maragogype”. To drink without getting lost, and not Gus in the background of pepper, we recommend you to buy coffee these varieties.

If you decide to make a coffee, spices, recipes – the first thing to start. Offer you my version of cooking.

“Spicy boom”

Ingredients (for four servings):

40 grams of coffee, ground for cooking in Turka;

800 ml of water (possible);

ground black pepper, or chili – pinch;

brown sugar or honey – to taste.


Heat Turku. On the bottom of the Turks pour ground coffee, add pepper and sugar. Stir and warm the mixture. If instead of sugar you use honey, it is added to the Cup after the coffee is brewed.

Add water, salt and cook on a low heat to form a foam.

To heat the cups friendly hot water. To pour the coffee into cups.

Further, if you wish, you can continue to experiment by adding in coffee when cooking orange zest or vanilla bean.

I hope that the coffee will open up to you with a new, until then unknown, the parties!

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