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How long to brew the coffee to taste good?

20rjat.JPG” /%Question how to make coffee often asked by people who have just started to spoil yourself with this drink.

Some experienced coffee people argue that the procedure should not take longer than three to five minutes, because during the boil lost the taste of coffee. But, as practice shows, it is a matter of taste personally each person. So to answer the question, how to brew coffee, can’t a foodie and a fan of this refreshing flavored drink. For the true coffee connoisseur the process of cooking some sort of ritual. There are a few rules that apply when preparing coffee.

First, how much brewed coffee, the taste, its strength, richness of flavor. The second is to prepare this drink should be without haste, intently, without disturbing the sequence of appropriate actions. If you prefer early in the morning to refresh ourselves a drink, but whatever brewed coffee, the taste of espresso from the coffee machine is not a pleasure, and prepared in a cezve drink you are not happy, but still not enough time, then try to put into practice a few tips experienced gourmets in fact make coffee.

How to make coffee and how?

So, to say exactly how much coffee to brew, it is impossible, but knowledgeable people recommend, if you brew coffee in Turku, pour the coffee powder into the cezve, preheated on the sand or fire. Along with powder hot Turk put on the fire for five seconds to seven. Only now in a vessel pour the amount of cold water that you need.

To make coffee you need before the appearance of the foam. Then you need to remove from heat for half a minute and put back until the foam again to remove. Repeat this action should be two or three times. If your precious time is limited and every minute is precious, then at the first appearance of foam put in the vessel the piece of ice, just be careful not to damage the foam. This action will increase the time until the next boiling beverage. By the way, if you brew coffee with the addition of ice, the coffee grounds will quickly settle to the bottom. A trifle, but nice.

A simplified version of brewing

If in the morning you have neither the time nor the desire to spend time at the stove and monitor finicky drink, you can go on the offense, to violate the Golden instilled brewing: pour freshly milled grains are not cold water, as is customary, and boiling water. This will reduce the cooking time by several times, but the taste will still much nicer and richer than instant coffee. To enhance flavor and add more a tonic effect, add to the drink of ginger or cinnamon to your taste.

As you know, no matter how much you brewed coffee, but the process of its preparation should be sure to simmer. This is another steadfast rule of coffee people. But a business person can waive this rule, but only slightly. Put the coffee, first on high heat, but as soon as the first bubbles appear, fire urgently need to reduce, there’s nothing you can do about it. Then proceed to brew the coffee to cool and if desired, use all the above tips.

If, nevertheless, you certainly need to know how much coffee to brew, to calculate the time by my own observations. For this you need a few times to get up a little early and to note the time before the rise of the foam. It usually takes three to five minutes. So a few minutes you have on various morning chores, and then dive head first into a pleasant coffee preparation.

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