How to brew flavorful coffee in Turku - all the subtleties of cooking
How to brew coffee in Turku The one who really loves coffee, can tell a lot of ways to brew coffee in Turku . after all, the true connoisseurs of this magical drink consider this…


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How to brew coffee, very tasty Your comfort, harmony, beauty and health!
How long to brew the coffee to taste good? 20rjat.JPG" /%Question how to make coffee often asked by people who have just started to spoil yourself with this drink. Some experienced coffee people argue that…


Latte and espresso basic recipes coffee
Latte and espresso: basic recipes for coffee In the modern world is very prestigious to have a Cup of expensive coffee at a nice restaurant. But not only there you can treat yourself to this…


Coffee world – Recipes

Recipes (5)

Recipe coffee brandy

Coffee with brandy has a special, exceptional charm, it is impossible to invent anything more refined and more refined. It is the drink of choice for true gourmets.

To prepare it, you need to choose top quality components,

namely, high quality coffee, brewed in a coffee maker or in Turka on all the necessary rules, and real French cognac (this, of course, ideally). Coffee brew from freshly ground coffee beans of the highest quality. The most accessible for us, probably gonna be coffee beans “Arabica”.

The recipe for coffee with skate house concluded the following: in single or double hot coffee before the use poured brandy, or served separately. As a complement and decorate the already extraordinary drink, can to it file a lemon, cut it into thin slices, or attach it gracefully to the coffee Cup.

The recipe for cappuccino coffee

This way of making coffee the most popular, and around the globe. But in a different way and in any way, because you cannot think of something more desirable, even only in the perception of words cappuccino coffee, the body takes the attitude that he will get the highest bliss.

Cappuccino is coffee with inherent “cap” on top of that obtained when frothing milk. Modern coffee makers even have a special attachment to whisk and add in coffee. But if such a device is not, the output is still there, good to use the cream at home. Cappuccino – the process is absolutely not difficult, but quite promising and solemn. So, brewed coffee, the fortress which define themselves, then whisk in the lush lather the cream and spread on coffee. After that, sprinkle it on top “cap” chocolate chips (you can mix it with nut) or crushed caramel.