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Recipes for coffee.

Recipes for coffee.

Coffee is the most popular drink in the world except that after tea. Ways of cooking there are so many. In places of public catering coffee prepared in a special coffee machines and less in coffee. Coffee makers generally use at home. Many people brew coffee in the Cup at once, and some boiled in a cezve. Way of making coffee in a cezve is the most correct, according to experts.

To brew this coffee you will of course need a Turk, a spoon, water and coffee. How to cook, we consider in this article.

Recipes from different countries.

Now we will learn the recipes of several countries in which coffee is one of the most popular beverages.

Arabian coffee.

There are many opinions about the coffee in Arabic. Some argue that the taste of coffee depends on the spices, and somebody that it is cooked in the sand. We consider the most popular of all.

First, put Turku on fire and heat it for one minute. Remove from heat and at the bottom pour a little sugar. The amount of sugar pick according to your taste. Again put Turku on fire, and wait until the sugar get dark. Most importantly, do not burn the sugar and remember that once it becomes dark in color, immediately remove from heat. Add in Turku water and stirring bring to the boil.

Remove the pot and add the coffee. It is advisable not to add more than two teaspoons. Stir and add a tablespoon of cold water and again put on a slow fire. As soon as you start to appear thick foam, safely remove from heat Turku.

The more often you repeat this procedure with boiling, the stronger the taste of the drink.

French coffee.

When you warm up Turku, add a bit of coffee. It should not be too much as a drink at the end of the cooking should not be strong. Pour water and put on low heat. When on the surface will begin to form foam, add the sugar and mix.

To get a real French coffee, the necessary liquor “Cocoa” and a bit of whipped cream. If liquor will cost, it can be replaced with melted chocolate. Add a teaspoon of liqueur or chocolate and garnish with whipped cream on top.

Turkish coffee.

Fill Turku cold water. Add sugar and put on fire. The water should be slightly warm, but in no case do not bring to a boil. Next, add the coffee and lessen the heat to the minimum. When the foam start to appear, remove the pot and let cool, then put on fire and bring to a boil. Repeat the process several times.

Coffee Egyptian.

Preheat Turku on fire. Then pour cold water and put on fire. Water should not be boiling. The next step is adding coffee. The foam, which will then be removed. Repeat the process several times while not removing the pot. Add sugar to taste our coffee and in Egyptian ready.