How to brew flavorful coffee in Turku – all the subtleties of cooking

How to brew coffee in Turku

The one who really loves coffee, can tell a lot of ways to brew coffee in Turku . after all, the true connoisseurs of this magical drink consider this option of cooking right. Is there a right way or really possible the flow using a variety of techniques? You can, of course, a lot of talk on this subject, by studying specialised literature or looking

for information on the Internet, and you can even try to make some kinds of coffee and make their own conclusions about what coffee really is the real and most delicious.

How to brew flavorful coffee in Turku: choosing the right Turku

Sometimes you can find another name Turks – “cezve”, some argue that it came from Egypt, and the “Turk” – from Armenia. But regardless of the origin of the word indicates it is a special dish for cooking coffee – the vessel has a wide bottom, narrow neck and a long handle. Choosing Turku, related to the purchase seriously, do not stop your choice on the cheap products from aluminum. Contact the Pro shop, where there is a wide choice of the Turks, and there you will certainly find what you need to Turku from copper, with a long wooden handle.

Some experts brewing argue that the Turk must be inside with a coating of silver, well, there is a grain of truth – silver “cleans” the water, giving it healing properties. Possibly, a drink made in such a Turk, too, will have magical properties, able to heal – if not the body, the soul.

The Turk may have different sizes, but the shape is the same – flaring, elegant, reminiscent of the attire of the Turkish whirling dervishes. The size of the Turks is the number of cups that can cook it, manufacturers specify this amount in the form of numbers on the bottom.

How to brew coffee in Turku by all the rules

Coffee beans are carefully prepared – they must be ground into a very fine crumb, almost in the dust, and it is desirable to grind just before to begin the preparation of the beverage. The fact that the coffee beans contain a lot of essential oils that determine the taste and aroma of coffee ready, so better to store grains whole – oil so they will keep better, and then cooked coffee will be more intense.

Turku is heated on a low flame, only then pour coffee. How long do I need to warm Turku? The time is determined only by experience, and if you start to brew the coffee, the temperature will be determined “by eye”, professionally. Number pour coffee on average, one teaspoon with a slide on the Cup, it can be a different number depending on preferences, who he loves is stronger or softer.

After the coffee has warmed, pour water on the basis that the surface was clear of coffee powder. Water is not boiled, but not water, is best purified, filtered, and definitely cold. Along with the water, add sugar and spices, depending on the form prepared coffee, and all are thoroughly mixed, avoiding the formation of lumps and agustini. Interfere best silver spoon – remember the benefits of silver?

Turku contents heat, stirring occasionally, and when on the surface of a dense foam light shade, Turku remove from fire. Cool, letting the skin to fall off. Again heat until the foam, and cooled again, so repeated several times. How many? First try one – twice, then determine how much time you need to do this procedure to achieve a nominal addition of fragrance and flavor coffee that you need. Heating Turku coffee, you will notice that the liquid with the foam began to rise, and it is important not to miss the moment and not allow the coffee to “escape” – foam retains the aroma of coffee and if it will spread, and the aroma will be lost. Remove the pot, stir with a spoon – as you remember, silver! – and then pour into pre-heated cups.

Needless to say that coffee is not brewed “in reserve”, it needs to be fresh, otherwise about any unique taste and flavor and say nothing.

How to make coffee-based cooked in Turka

Cappuccino whip the milk into thick foam, to give a little milk to settle and during this time the flow. Fresh coffee quickly pour in the milk froth – the drink is ready!

Mexican-style coffee

In the cooking process together with the coffee powder pour a bit of cocoa powder, then brewed coffee as usual. The thus prepared coffee served with milk or beaten egg yolks, which are laid out on top of the coffee.

Italian coffee

Its main feature is that instead of water does the milk to the boiling point of the liquid is adjusted, remove from fire, pozivajut. A Cup of coffee scald, then pour the coffee, add sweetener.

Coffee in Czech

After coffee is brewed, it is poured into cups, filling them two-thirds full. The remaining volume is filled with milk, sugar separately, you can file.

Viennese coffee

In coffee, add sugar to taste, pour into glasses, filling three-quarters full, in special glasses, and in ordinary. Top in fine art, spread whipped cream on top of cream – cocoa, grated chocolate, vanilla. Mandatory requirement – the cream should be fat enough, about 30-35%, and only cold.

Turkish coffee

Prepare this coffee in Turku, heating it slowly, traditionally – on the sand. Foam definitely removed, and when the coffee is ready, allow it to settle, at this time, gently whisking the yolk, but so that the formed foam. In a Cup pour the yolk, then – coffee, according to taste, add sugar.

French coffee

To prepare coffee – French, brewed coffee ready need a little salt, and then add the brandy – one teaspoon.

Coffee Roman way

In the cooking process add in cinnamon coffee, just a little, not to spoil a unique coffee taste. In a glass put ice cubes, filling about a third of the ice, sprinkle with powdered sugar and pour coffee. In conclusion, add a little brandy.

Arabian coffee

The feature of this coffee is that to make it, use a very dark, heavily roasted grain. Coffee beans to be ground at the bottom of the Turks to pour the coffee, sugar and warm over low heat. When sugar begins to melt and become brown, add hot water, heat, set aside three times, allowed to settle. Ready coffee irrigate splashes of cold water to the sediment settled to the bottom.

Coffee in Hollywood

Prepare regular coffee, in a separate bowl, combine cocoa, two spoons of powdered sugar, a little milk, stir to dissolve the cocoa and sugar. Then add another 100 g of milk, sprinkle with a pinch of salt and put on fire. Stirring, warm for ten minutes, then remove from heat and beat until foaming. Ready coffee is decorated with whipped cream and chopped toasted almonds.

Tell me, what kind of coffee you brew, and I’ll tell you who you are

Each recipe coffee individual. It is impossible accurately to the milligram or seconds to observe all the subtleties of cooking, this unique drink just as it does, for example, your girlfriend or a professional Barista – a specialist who prepares coffee from the nearest coffee shop. Each of them brings to the sacrament of coffee your personality, your traits – a man can be the sweet tooth, a lover of strong, rich flavors, and a connoisseur of good cognacs – this is reflected in the composition of the ingredients used in brewing coffee, in the manner of submission of the finished drink. Based on my own experience and taste preferences are unique, exclusive variety, and create you your own coffee!

Coffee beans are carefully prepared – they must be ground into a very fine crumb, almost in the dust, and it is desirable to grind just before to begin the preparation of the beverage. The fact that the coffee beans contain a lot of essential oils that determine the taste and aroma of coffee ready, so better to store grains whole – oil so they will keep better, and then cooked coffee will be more intense.

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