How to cook a delicious coffee
How to cook a delicious coffee Delicious coffee is easy, if you know the subtle science competent management of coffee and cooking of this delicious drink. Without a doubt, coffee is one of the most…


Professional coffee Barista
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How to make coffee at home correct and tasty?
How to make coffee at home correct and tasty? Coffee is a magical nectar that enchants with a delicate aroma and rich taste. Now this drink has become an integral part of the modern world.…




Velvety drink with a delicate taste and rich aroma

Refined pleasure of taste. Is there anyone who haven’t tried or heard of this exquisite drink, adored all over the world? We’re talking of course about … COFFEE. People all over the world know it’s tempting-sounding of all languages the word: Café, Coffee, Kafa, Kava, Kahva, Cafea, Kaffe. Since ancient times it is known that nothing can be compared with a Cup of coffee. Coffee – our best friend in the morning that awakens your senses at the beginning of each day and during the day improves our efficiency. Coffee not only gives us moments of pure pleasure, but also a beneficial effect on our body. We are pleased to invite you to a unique journey into the world of Ze-presso Café and invite you to try four varieties of high-quality coffee beans of the Arabica and Robusta. Thanks to the unique collection Ze-presso Café you will not only learn about the properties of coffee and the secrets of its preparation, but also will discover the pleasure of the magnificent taste that will allow you to pause for reflection in a hectic day!


“Coffee should be black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel and sweet as love.”

Charles Maurice de Talleyrand

Elegant coffee the new generation

The coffee machine is equipped with a transparent water tank and the pump pressure 19 bar. Unique aroma and taste of coffee is created by the system’s pre-infusion”. Simple panel, which are only two buttons (one used to switch on/off, and the second – button coffee preparation makes the process of preparing an excellent espresso is surprisingly easy. Adjustable volume of water used to make the coffee allows you to choose the required amount of water to whichever you prefer traditional espresso or espresso-long.

Ze-presso Café incorporates the latest technological advances, providing:

optimal water temperature (88ºC +/- 2°C, in accordance with the standards of the National Institute of Italian espresso);

required pressure of water entering the coffee capsule.

short cooking time – only 25 seconds.

rich bubble dark walnut color with bronze edges.

In addition, the dense structure of the foam keeps small air bubbles down to the bottom after cooking. In short, this is a perfect solution for making delicious Italian espresso practical and convenient way. The functions of the machine ensure its practicality and ease of use:

Removable water tank (capacity 1000 cm 3 );

The pump that creates the pressure (nominal pressure 20 bar). Coffee machine Ze-presso Café ® meets the highest quality standards in the world;

The warranty is included.