There are many ways of making coffee

There are many ways of making coffee

Coffee in Vietnamese is prepared by the method of filtration using special aluminium device called fin, and on a design reminiscent of the aeropress. Without this special Vietnamese coffee contraption in Vietnamese does not

cook. However, Finns, though not sold in Russia at every step, but to get them is not difficult — try to look in specialty stores.

so, with coffee in Vietnamese we need: fin, glass, condensed milk and ice. if you like cold coffee. The amount of each ingredient depends on your taste preferences.

Evenly distribute coffee in the bottom of the fin, then take the press, put on the coffee and slightly turn the press until, until he pressed the contents FINA.

fin Pour in a few drops of boiling water for 15 — 20 seconds to as “wet” coffee.

Pour boiling water into the fin to the top and cover with a lid.

Waiting, contemplate. Coffee drips in a glass and not mixed with the layer of condensed milk. After all the water leaked through the fin, and coffee mixed with condensed milk and add in drink ice.

Coffee in the Caribbean

This recipe will require you some skill, presence of acute stabbing of the subject at hand, as well as a large and friendly group of friends to further drinking of your efforts.

To prepare 8 servings of the drink you will need: 1 coconut medium size, 200 ml milk, 400 ml brewed in Turku, preferably heavily toasted, preferably Costa Rican coffee, 8 teaspoons of sugar.

With the first that comes to hand, make two holes in a coconut shell.

pour Coconut milk into a saucepan and what was left from the nut bake in the oven at 150 degrees for 30 minutes, until the flesh is easily separated from the shell.

take out the pulp.

Crumble it into small pieces and put in a pot with coconut milk. There also pour a conventional, cow’s milk and heat over low heat until the foam.

Filter, the pulp of the nut formed as a result of straining, slightly fry in a pan.

In a pre-warmed Cup, pour the same amount of hot coffee and hot milk, add sugar. On top sprinkle toasted coconut pulp. Decorate the table, what was left of the unfortunate nut.

Coffee in Lithuanian

in order to prepare one portion of coffee in Lithuanian you will need 10g of freshly ground coffee, 100 ml of water, the white of one egg, sugar, brandy.

Gently placed on top of beaten egg white, sprinkle with sugar and briefly put the Cup in a warm oven.

When the surface of protein is covered with a Golden crust, coffee can be served.

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