How to make coffee in Turku

What more in our favorite drink, harm, do good, disputes do not cease to this day. However, scientists have proved that if you drink coffee in moderation, it is not only no harm, but also helps our body to be in good shape. Of course, it is only natural coffee, the preparation of which requires a little skill. From this article you can learn how to properly brew coffee in Turku, as well as about how to buy a real and good coffee.

So, the most important rules: coffee beans should be freshly ground, and the

Turk must be copper. Freshly ground coffee beans give all their flavor and aromas.

The basic recipe for making coffee in Turku

1.First, Turku need to warm up. It should be noted that making coffee is best in a small pot with a narrow neck. Put Turku on a small fire and a little Pogram the bottom (heat it does not need)

2. Fill in Turku swagerty coffee. How much? It all depends entirely on your taste needs. if you brew coffee for the first time, the use of classical proportions: 2 teaspoons coffee 150 grams of water. If you like sweet coffee, at this point, add sugar in the coffee. You can also add your favorite spices, such as ginger or cardamom.

3. Pour cold water. Water should reach the narrow space in the neck of the Turks, must remain still some free space.

4. we brew our coffee at a small fire. Bring coffee to a boil in no event it is impossible, this is the basic rule of delicious coffee. If there was a nuisance and your coffee has gone, we are done, boil the drink again. As you begin to climb fragrant coffee “crust”, then take the pot. In principle, this is a classic recipe of coffee in Turku, but some repeat this procedure of cooking a few times, then coffee.

Useful tips

1. in order for coffee was always delicious, do not store the grain for long in open containers. Even 10 minutes of open air is more than enough coffee has lost much of its incredible aroma.

2. Very important coffee grinding. The finer the grind, the brighter and tastier coffee. Finely ground coffee is brewed much faster, denser foam.

3. To give coffee a more subtle and delicate flavor, before cooking put in Turku a pinch of salt.

4. Prior to the coffee, warm the cups. If the Cup is cold, it will not give even the most high quality coffee to reveal your taste to the fullest.

5. Water for making coffee should be clean.

6. For the sediment settled faster, add some cold brewed coffee or water a couple of times, knock a Turk on the table.

7. Watch carefully for coffee during cooking, in any case, do not be distracted.

Select coffee

If you decide to choose high quality coffee, try these tips. Do not trust the bright advertisement or a beautiful package. The main thing is the country of the manufacturer. Do not take coffee beans from India or Indonesia. The best coffee is from Central America.

Grain should not look dried, they must have a rich aroma. Coffee beans should be almost identical in both size and color. They should not have any chips. Check coffee for the presence of mold.

Perfect coffee at home is Arabica. In view of its grains are elongated and oily, large enough. For lovers of strong coffee a real gift would be Robusta, this coffee variety are small and round grains. If you mix Arabica and Robusta in equal proportions, the taste will be superb!

If you decide to make coffee in Turku for the first time, first make a small portion, because the first time turns out not all. Good luck!

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