Very soon he will disappear!

Drink your coffee before it’s too late! Very soon he will disappear! recipes for coffee.

We all love to drink early in the morning a Cup of hot, aromatic, freshly brewed coffee! This drink invigorates us and gives us new strength for the beginning of novolog labor day! However, enjoy the moment, because very soon no coffee will be gone! It will disappear as a species, will become

extinct as the mammoth, is gone from our lives forever!

Well-known British scientists are predicting the disappearance of Africa Arabian coffee trees, from the fruit of which the producers obtain Arabica. According to them, the blame for this climate change.

Experts note that in recent years a large part of North Africa constantly suffers from severe droughts, writes Rossiyskaya Gazeta. Scientists have tried to predict how climate change on the continent in the future will affect the growth of Arabian coffee trees, which make up 70 percent of the world’s coffee plantations.

Applying computer bioclimatic modeling, the researchers concluded that by 2080 the Arabian trees on the continent can virtually disappear, and the amount of land suitable for growing coffee, is reduced by 65 to 90 percent, according to Gudok. The most difficult situation is expected in Ethiopia and in South Sudan, where the coffee harvest to be reduced significantly already in 2020.

When making various policy decisions, as scholars have noted, no need to comfort themselves in the best scenario, since the model does not take into account deforestation in the birthplace of Arabica coffee – high-mountain forests of southern Sudan and Ethiopia. Because of extensive deforestation forests are transformed into separate Islands of forest ecosystem is less resistant to various adverse effects.

Also, the forecast does not foresee the impact of pests and diseases, says Green Russia. A sharp reduction in Africa the number of birds help spread the seeds of plants, equally have a negative impact on the preservation of coffee trees. To help preserve one of the most beloved in the world of coffee, according to scientists, will help the creation of natural reserves, where coffee trees grow.

Basic coffee brewing methods, Recipes

Coffee in the Eastern (Arab) prepared in a conical vessel, the so-called cezve. Often used spices such as cardamom, cinnamon and so on.

Espresso is obtained by using a special espresso machine (espresso machine), in which, through ground coffee under pressure hot water heated to a temperature 88-91.

Iced coffee (FR. glace – frozen, frozen) – coffee ice cream.

Coffee filter, American, “the Dropper” – most home coffee makers are working on “gravity” principle: the hot water dripping on the funnel with the filter, which contains ground coffee.

Cappuccino – coffee with milk and lush foam (“hood”).

Latte – unmixed cappuccino with milk, milk foam and coffee are layers. Served in a tall glass.

Mocha – so-commonly called coffee with the addition of chocolate or sometimes Oriental coffee.

In German-speaking countries coffee is made with vodka, which is called “Russian-style coffee”

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